The Freshest Sounds Boosting from the Boiler Room

Welcome into the Boiler Room, an international platform that broadcasts underground music as it happens from around the world to a massive online community. Today we will present some of their older gems and latest happenings.

Let’s start by dusting off a dirty 3-year old single, ‘Just’ by Bicep.

Bicep ‘Just’

Listen to Bicep‘s ‘Just’ a Boiler Room debut: 

“Just” wastes no time locking the brisk rhythm into place before a wriggling earworm of a lead pans across the channels. Atmospheric swells are pieced by gatling-gun snares; the tension builds but never releases, making this a surefire precursor to the bulk of heavyweight set climaxes you’re likely to hear this summer. As ever, the aural equivalent of 20,000 bicep emojis. -Boiler Room

Next, we go to a super smooth techno Boiler Room set by Oliver Koletzki in Berlin.

photo credit Oliver Koletzki

Oliver Kolezki is from Berlin, signed by Stil vor Talent and leans toward techno, electronica and triphop with his music. You will be able to find him all around the world on his tour. Catch a glimpse of his set a Burning Man and check out his upcoming tour below.

Oliver Kolezki

Let’s head to Moscow next to witness KiNK spinning with some vinyl.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, without a support network, a campaign or any media hype, KiNK‘s music alone created a momentum whose end we have yet to be seen.

Finally, plug into what happened most recently, a new comer ODDZ’s Boiler Room set.

ODDZ is a local techno pioneer ODDZ, one founder of the first Palestinian techno label, Harara, and member of Ramallah’s independent RadioNard, ODDZ has dedicated himself to push the scene forward. -Boiler Room

We hope you got to discover some new music and thoroughly enjoyed some stable sets that happened in the Boiler Room. You may exit for now, but stay tune on what will happen next…

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