The Best Tech House Discoveries of the Week: Walker & Royce, Fer BR, Danny Kolk and More

2021 is set to be a massive year for tech house, filled with loads of up and coming talent and new soundscapes being explored. Tech house is a mix of techno and house music that originated in the UK in the early 90’s. With passionate artists such as Claude Von Stroke, and Green Velvet leading the charge, don’t expect tech house to go anywhere anytime soon. In this article we are going to share the best tech house discoveries of the week presented by Walker & Royce, Siege, Fer BR, Danny Kolk, G-Spec and CamelPhat.

The first song that needs to be mentioned is Walker & Royce’s recent remix of “Tweekers“, originally produced by Freaks. This song does an amazing job of showing you exactly what Tech House should sound like and that it why I wanted it’s at the beginning of the list. Check out their song below and give them a follow!

The next song is “Or What” by Siege and Fer BR off their recent Say My Name EP via Truesoul. The song is techno heavy with a crisp, smooth pace.

Thirdly, Danny Kolk and G-SPEC present “I Have A Reservation” via Deep Root Records. The composition quickly “alienates” itself from your ordinary tech house track from the start. Quickly racing into a sharp and rhythmic bass line featuring deep and extraterrestrial vocals, the song jumps from a wide array of acid house elements that will push your music boundaries out of this world.

Last but not least, is “Hanging Out With Charlie” by CamelPhat. Although this song came out in March of 2017 it is proving timeless with streams still racking up, reaching over 17 million on YouTube alone. It is a true tech house tune that has a very clean and melodic drop with a strong and thick baseline.

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