20 Electronic Dance Music Resources Killing the Game

With so much music being created and consumed on a day to day basis, it is important to have those sources you trust to provide you with the most timely and relevant news, freshest perspective, and sickest tracks. Below are 20 Electronic Dance Music Resources that bring it on a day-to-day basis and will provide everything you need to satiate that EDM appetite.

Resident Advisor
Photo via Resident Advisor

1. Resident Advisor

An electronic dance music magazine focusing on the global dance music scene, Resident Advisor is one of the largest independent EDM magazines. RA is as comprehensive as any publication can possibly be, featuring general news, album reviews, films, features, events, photos, podcasts, ticket sales, artist and label profiles, international DJ charts, and even their own interactive online community.

After a complete site redesign in 2014 – the first in the sites’ 13 year history – the publication has become a leader in engaging visitors. RA’s more than 2 million users per month now have access to mobile support, an interactive webpage design, as well as SoundCloud integration.

The publication also partners with venues and events within the industry to conduct Resident Advisor Club Nights as well as annual parties at the Winter Music Conference held in Miami, Florida.

RA Website
RA Facebook
RA Twitter

DJ Mag
Photo via DJ Mag

2. DJ Mag

DJ Magazine fully embodies its mission of “Living & Breathing Dance Music.” Perhaps most popular for its annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJ List, the publication also features the Top 100 Clubs while offering reviews, albums, compilations, news, and product reviews.

Available in 12 languages, the British monthly magazine has become one of the leading resources in electronic dance music, having won the International Dance Music Awards Best Music Publication 10 years in a row from 2003-2012.

Be sure to subscribe here.

DJ Mag Website

Photo via Beatport

3. Beatport

Beatport has become a leading resource not only for EDM fans but DJs and Producers as well. The easy to navigate page features taps for sounds, mixes, DJs, music, and news and is pumped full of hot new tracks.

Recently purchased by EDM magnate Robert F.X. Sillerman and SFX Entertainment, Beatport is a the front runner among online music stores, offering any tune you could ever want for sale.

The site is conducive to fans of any genre, allowing you to specify your area of interest through the ‘Genre’ drop-down tab. Need help sorting out debates with your friends or finding the hottest new music? Beatport offers thousands of DJ charts on everything from hip-hop to nu disco.

As if this weren’t enough, Beatport has won numerous International Dance Music Awards over consecutive years, such as Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer and Best Dance Music Website.

Beatport Website

EDM Tunes
Photo via EDM Tunes

4. EDM Tunes

Mixes, tracks, news, events, and interviews. EDM Tunes has it all. The simple and easy to navigate page allow you to discover what you are searching for in an efficient manner. With a daily Top 10, you are exposed to timely and relevant information immediately upon visiting. Aspiring artist? You can even submit your tunes with the opportunity of gaining global exposure.

EDM Tunes Website

Dancing Astronaut
Photo via Dancing Astronaut

5. Dancing Astronaut

From the club scene to music festivals, Dancing Astronaut provides comprehensive news across the entire EDM space. A featured media player also gives you the option to press play and have the latest tunes streamed straight in to your ear-hole while you dig up the latest scoop.

Dancing Astronaut Website

The DJ List
Photo via The DJ List

6. The DJ List

Who is that Avicii guy? I heard he is totes amazeballs. The DJ List has the most comprehensive artist profile collection of any site in the game. Search any artist you are curious about and you will find a page linking all the information you could ever hope to have learned.

With news, events, radio, and even some tunes thrown in there as a nice little supplement, The DJ List is a one stop shop for any information you need to become savvy to the scene.

The DJ List Website

Photo via EDM.com

7. EDM.com

Music, Albums, and Reviews, oh my! Simple and relevant, this is perhaps one of the first domains any prospective EDM connoisseur would visit in hopes of pouring knowledge into their head.

You can find the latest and featured news scrolling across the top with an optional media player towards the footer that will blast the hottest jams.

EDM.com Website

Photo via Mixing.DJ

8. Mixing.DJ

Mixing.DJ offers up every time of consumption option you could hope for, with live sets, video sets, mixes, singles, radio shows, festival performances and podcasts. Want to relive that W&W set from TomorrowWorld 2013? Mixing.DJ has got you covered.

Mixing.DJ Website

Ibiza Voice
Photo via Ibiza Voice

9. IbizaVoice

From Miami to Ibiza. I-Voice has got you covered with everything in between. Events, labels, DJs, Music, News, Forums, Charts, and Contests.

Perfect for figuring out the international club scene if you are feeling spontaneous and find yourself on the road. If you want to immerse yourself with the who’s who  and witness the dopest live performances at the hottest events, be sure to pay attention to their event calendar.

Ibiza Voice Website

Photo via WhiteRaverRafting

10. White Raver Rafting

When it comes to putting out industry related news, WRR is on their A-game. The crew at WRR is on point with their music taste, free downloads offered, festival news, lineup announcements, and other nifty factoids pertaining to the EDM scene.

Simple and to the point, the site is designed to take the information from point A and cram it in to your dome piece. No time wasted digging around.

WRR Website

Photo via ThisSongisSick

11. This Song is Sick

What a great idea for a website and a publication. We all love music. We have all heard fire tracks that arouse the most passionate of emotions in each and every one of us. Founder Nick Guarino has taken that passion and shared it with the EDM community.

This straight-forward business model continues to bring the latest news, hottest songs, free downloads, contests, and premieres to the peoples.

This Song is Sick Website

Photo via EDMsauce

12. EDM Sauce

Separating their music by genre makes the site easy to navigate and allowing consumers to tailor it to their specific musical desires. Their unique music archives also allow you to explore the electronic music world over the course of the last few years. Free downloads, news, and apparel to boot. Hard to compete with the work the folks are doing at EDM Sauce.

EDM Sauce Website

electronic midwest
Photo via Electronic Midwest

13. Electronic Midwest

If you live anywhere remotely close to the Eastern United States and the Midwest then you need to make this one of your leading concert and festival resources. Never again will you miss out on an upcoming event if you keep up with their event calendar.

With contests, artist news, interviews, and photos, Electronic Midwest encapsulates the entire music festival experience and reciprocates it back to the consumer. The colorful and eye-friendly website design just adds sprinkles to the already pleasant visiting experience.

Electronic Midwest Website

Photo via InTheMix

14. In the Mix

Yet another EDM blog that is keen on what the people want. Immediate upon visiting you are bombarded with the latest news and screen filling pictures that stimulated the senses and leave you wanting more.

With news, features, reviews, and industry information, this publication contains all of the knowledge and wherewithal any EDM junkie needs stay up to date.

In the Mix Website

Photo via YourEDM

15. Your EDM

Another publication that is on top of it. Looking for the latest Ultra Phase announcement? How about where Paris Hilton is at in her DJ career? Latest lineup announcement? YourEDM has got you covered.

Your EDM Website

edm magazine
Photo via EDM Magazine

16. EDM Magazine

All the lineup, music festival, and EDM news you could ever hope for. Right after eagerly typing in the domain name and hitting enter you are smacked in the face with all of the information you could ever hope for.

EDM Magazine Website

Photo via ThisSongSlaps

17. This Song Slaps

It’s all in a name and this name says it all. Offering up dubstep, trap, electro-house, and hip hop, banger after banger. The interactive platform also allows prospective artists to submit their own productions.

This Song Slaps Website

the untz
Photo via The Untz

18. The Untz

Events, Artists, News, Contests, Venues, Promoters, Labels, and Music. A little bit of everything depending on what you are craving. Our friends at The Untz delve a little bit deeper in to the downtempo/glitch/live-instrumental/livetronica genres for those of you that like to get extra weird.

The Untz Website

Photo via DailyDoseOfBass

19. Daily Dose of Bass

With a clean and crispy site design, this publication brings you the hottest tracks in any genre your little PLUR heart could desire. Dive right in and dig around. You will be sure to find some music, news, videos, and much, much more that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Daily Dose of Bass Website

Photo via Audible Coffee

20. Audible Coffee

The tagline says it all: “Serving hand-picked dance music, brewed fresh for you daily.” The aesthetically pleasing design containing multiple media players embedded on a solid black background pops out at you with the culturally relevant images associated with each track.

With multiple tracks added each week, just hit play, pop in your headphones, and start discovering new music.

The site also features finely tuned playlists that will tickle any genre lovers’ fancy.

Audible Coffee Website

Best Electronic Dance Music Resources

So there you have it fellow music lovers. Whether you are a member of the Trance Family, Hardcore Bass Head, EDM noob, or aspiring producer, this list of 20 EDM sites absolutely killing the game right now will give you all the resources you need receive your Master’s degree in Electronic Dance Music.

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