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The Owl Awakens

In 1993 a man with nothing but love for electronic dance music and the gatherings that came along with it began hosting parties in abandoned warehouses. In hopes of creating memorable experiences every time, and not getting caught doing so, Pasquale Rotella was in the beginning stages of what would become some of  the largest EDM events around the world. In 1997 Rotella and his team decided to take over an already existing yearly event created by a disc jockey with a name as colorful as the event itself -Steve Kool-Aid. Steve’s creation was the perfect launching pad for Insomniac who decided to take the Electric Daisy Carnival to the next level.

The Next Level

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Being held in multiple locations all over California, the team of wide awake owls went on to present this stunning array of lights, breath taking stages, and mind blowing theatricals to 185,000 spirits of all shapes, sizes and colors at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Thirteen magical years after the first Insomniac EDC was held at the Shrine Expo Hall in LA (only over 5,000 attendees), the show had its highest guest count ever on June 2010, but it wouldn’t stop there. Having debuted in Colorado, Texas and Puerto Rico within the two previous years, not even Rotella could believe the turnout the 2011 Nevada campaign would have.

The Electric Daisy Speedway Experience

EDC Las vegas
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After a controversial 2010 in Los Angeles, Insomniac launched the first ever EDC Las Vegas the next year and turned out to be a historic year for this creative genius and his cast of brilliant visionaries that helped him put the event together. With ticket sales soaring over the 230,000 mark, EDC Las Vegas would be the highest selling event in the history of Insomniac up until that point. That last weekend of June was was a culminating point for Pasquale as everything he ever envisioned came to life in those three days. Already having a reputation for being “the American Ibiza”, the Las Vegas campaign seems to have become an American rave tradition as thousands flock to the Nevada desert for this yearly event. Pasquale didn’t stop there as he recently presented the Electric Daisy Carnival experience to the Mexican and British rave communities in his attempt to achieve international status. This year definitely won’t fall behind in the history books as all passes for the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas have sold out in record time with over four months left until the day of the event.

The Philanthropist Behind it all

A newlywed to the beautiful former Playmate Holy Madison, recent father to a colorful baby Rainbow, regarded as one of the most influential people in music, on the Billboard Power top 100 in 2013, a net worth of over $10 million and endless other accolades; who says this mastermind’s limit is the electric sky? Having come a long way from those parties of only a few hundred attendees and countless police shutdowns, Rotella is expanding his horizons further across the world. With the amazing turnout the Las Vegas Motor Speedway has had Pasquale is on the fast lane to becoming one of the most powerful icons in the EDM community as his snowball of success continues to roll into an international level. After the triumphant EDC UK and EDC MX,  where will this owl and his team flock to next on the globe?

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Trailer

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