Bass Music Fam, Two Lit and Milano The Don Collaborate on ‘On Da Block’ [Electronyze Me]

Harnessing the swagger of a hip-hop club favorite and filth built for the mainstage of Excision’s Lost Lands, Texas bass music duo Two Lit and legendary EDM rapper Milano The Don‘s ‘On Da Block’ coerces through your veins to expel any self-doubt.  Hitting with an explosive bass drop and pushing the boundaries of sound while rocking a raw hook, this new Electronyze Me release shows no mercy.

Two Lit and Milano The Don ‘On Da Block’ [Electronyze Me]

The duo, Two Lit is holding down the bass music and trap scene out in McAllen, Texas getting booked at parties such as Bass Frequency by offering standout remixes of KAYZU, ATLIENS, Carnage and Sludge as well as clean originals.  Their releases have garnered the support of labels such as MAXD OUT RECORDS and Gang Gang Records while heavyweight producer GRAVEDGR put a feather in Two Lit’s cap when he mixed in ‘I Get Lit’ at Insomniac’s HARD Summer 2019.  Now with the backing of Electronyze Me‘s expansive network of artists, there is even more promise for the ruthless project.

Two Lit at Bass Frequency

The EDM rap goat from New Jersey, Milano The Don is having his fair share of fun within the rave culture. You have probably heard his production and vocals before as his work has seen support from headliners such as Slander, Excision, Carnage, Krewella, SAYMYNAME, YOOKiE and Bailo, while the Hybrid Hard Trap producer has releases on major labels such as Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK, Harsh Records Label, Hybrid Trap, Pantheon: Anarchy and JerseyTerror, among others.

EDM Rapper Milano The Don

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