Tennis Court – (Flume Remix)

Image via Flume
Image via Flume

Do you like Flume? Do you like the multi Grammy winning Lorde? Does the thought of an epic combination of the two make you shiver?

Then you’re in luck.

Popular Australian artist Flume has just released an amazing remixed track of Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’. To those who are unfamiliar with Flume, perhaps you have heard his amazing ‘You & Me’ remix, a song by the Brit  and Grammy award nominated duo Disclosure.

Don’t expect to sit still while listening to this song. If Lorde’s vocals aren’t enough, then when Flume drops the beat, you’ll definitely start bopping, tapping your feet, clapping along, etc.

The video itself is mesmerizing, starting with a black crown that burst into bright specks, shapes, and bubbles of gold before evolving into a throne. Does he mean to imply that this is a remix fit for a king? Because people just might feel inclined to agree, once they hear it.

Disclosure has even shared the song via Facebook in their support of it, stating, “yes”.

Yes indeed.

Flume himself is satisfied with it, as on Facebook he says, “Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out”.

Be sure to give it a listen, and you like what you hear, his albums are available for purchase, Flume, and Flume: Deluxe Edition.

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