Super Duper Unveils ‘Horizons’ as he Embarks on Tour with Kasbo & Petit Biscuit

Back with lush soundscapes and warm vocals, Super Duper stuns in his newest single. The highly anticipated “Horizons is now out everywhere.

With his signature blend of melodic riffs and indie sounds, Super Duper showcases his knack for creating only the most memorable sounds on “Horizons.” Mesmerizing upbeat keyboards reminiscent of summer days immediately draws in listeners. Buoyant vocal chops lift spirits high atop Super Duper’s soaring production, making “Horizons” the perfect inspiring, feel-good tune for any occasion.

Horizons is the result of care-free, late night experimentation. I didn’t have any goals or references in mind when I started creating it. Just sampled some vocals from a fellow Nashville songwriter I work with and started building the chords around it pretty quickly. Sometimes songs can really lead the way as you write and you’re just along for the ride and that was one of those times. The majority of the song was done that night and hasn’t changed that much since. I’ve been writing lots of new songs over the past year and this song is definitely one I still listen to on repeat, which is really rare for me! – Super Duper 

Super Duper ‘Horizons’

Nashville, TN is not typically known for producing electronic music but it currently resides one of the most exciting electronic artist/producers in the space, Super Duper. Touring with the likes of The Chainsmokers, The Glitch Mob and Big Wild, Super Duper will be bringing his cinematic productions on tour this fall with Petit Biscuit and Kasbo. After writing and producing for others (such as R.LUM.R’s “Frustrated”) Super Duper began to release music under his own moniker.

One of the first singles “Angela” hit #1 on Hype Machine and entered Spotify’s Viral 50 charts before being picked up by SiriusXM Chill. Continuously writing and creating, Super has been praised by outlets such as Spin, HillyDilly, This Song Is Sick and had his music featured by Google, Lexus, Playstation and Pokemon Go. Recently receiving a Clio award for scoring the trailer to Steve McQueen’s new motion picture “Widows”, Super Duper is a creator plain and simple, bringing his unique and powerful productions to various mediums.

Stay tune to our ticket giveaway to catch Super Duper on tour with both Kasbo and Petit Biscuit this fall.

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