Steve Aoki Drops An Explosive Remix Of My Chemical Romance

Steve Aoki just dropped a heavy remix of My Chemical Romance‘s “Welcome to the Black Parade” that is insane.

Aoki himself states:

Honored to have remixed one of my favorite songs by My Chemical Romance and especially for the 10th Anniversary of this epic song. Enjoy! 

I use to be a My Chemical Romance fiend. I wore the shirts, absorbed the music and rocked the black eyeliner. Since my love for music has transitioned from MCR’s alternative and punk sound to EDM, this remix brought me back, as it will for some of you.

Welcome to the Black Parade 10th Anniversary Steve Aoki Remix
Photo via Soundcloud // “Welcome To The Black Parade” by Steve Aoki

Aoki’s remix will take listeners back to the days of alternative rock, studded belts, and heavy eyeliner.

While alternative rock and EDM come from different decades, they fuse perfectly. This certainly isn’t the first time EDM artists have remixed alternative songs. NGHTMRE has remixed Blink 182‘s “All the Small Things” and Ghastly dropped his remix of Jimmy Eat World‘s “Sweetness”.

Steve Aoki has blended the heavy guitar from the original with his electro house sound. The intensity of the original song remains, but Aoki’s fist pumping beats are present in his remix.

Recollect while listening to Steve Aoki’s remix of “Welcome To The Black Parade” below: 

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