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Put on your dancing shoes―we’re going to the disco. We sat down with Brooklyn’s finest, Supertaste, to get the 4-1-1 on their upcoming Super Classic EP, life during the pandemic, and much more. There’s no doubt that this indie-dance duo will have you groovin’. We swear, their synthwave vibe completely stripped us from this evening’s Sunday scaries. They’ll be the champagne running through your veins, breath of fresh air, and most certainly the warm feeling you get while walking into your favorite bodega after a night of dancing.

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Hey guys! How are you doing?

Hey! We’re doing alright. We’ve been doing a lot of interviews recently, from all over the world, so it’s cool talking to someone who is more in our time-zone now.

That’s really exciting. With those and some new song releases, you guys have a lot going on! So Jaime really hyped you guys up, I was able to get a preview of the EP, and I’m telling you… I was dancing all Sunday.

That’s awesome! We have to ask, what song of ours do you like the best?

This is going to sound super basic because I know this is the most recent song that you guys released, but I really like ‘Neon Prayer’.

That’s not basic! We actually had that as a work-in-progress for a while. Something just wasn’t right about it so we didn’t release it, but we picked it back up and added more of a melodic touch to it. That’s what it needed. That was what tipped the song over the edge for us.

I definitely get that. Personally, I enjoy more melodic music. It’s just more of my thing. Do you guys have any visuals or music videos brewing for the ‘Super Classic’ EP?

Actually yea, so over the pandemic we spent a lot of time at our studio in Tennessee. We were having a few drinks of Hpnotiq in the hot tub and decided to be creative. We used an iPhone to shoot everything, but it’s cool because we did it all on our own. We had fun with it.

I’ve actually heard a lot of artists doing that these days. You can’t underestimate the quality of a phone camera. I think Selena Gomez shot the entire music video for her song ‘Look At Me Now’ on an iPhone, too. Okay, I have to back step a bit because I’m curious. So Zach, you’re from North Carolina and Lucas, you’re from Florida. How did you guys meet in and conceptualize Supertaste in the first place?

[Zach] So I was actually spinning at a venue, right before Lucas, and I just went up to him. I asked if he wanted to go back-to-back and he was down. It was cool because it just came pretty natural. After that, we kept going and eventually were like… let’s try making our own stuff.

I love how it all intertwined pretty naturally for you guys. So before, you guys had your own individual projects. What aspects of those individual projects did you take to help contribute to this combined project?

[Lucas] My music was more disco-like. It was very 80’s dance. Zach really had the melodics nailed down. We really took those and brought them together.

Via Supertaste FB

So you guys came together, then you released your first EP, the pandemic hit, and you guys already have another one debuting in the next few months?! That’s impressive.

Yea, so our first EP is called ‘Breakup Disco’. That EP is a little bit more dark… the Super Classic EP coming out is brighter and overall happier. Actually ‘Neon Prayer’ is probably the darkest song on that EP, but with Breakup Disco, we wrote it after our relationships.

Okay, so this is super interesting for me because I’ve always been curious. So you know how sometimes in a relationship, you have a song with someone? Then you guys breakup and it’s hard to listen to that song again. As someone who is in the business, I understand how those can be great inspirations for music, but isn’t it hard to always have that reminder?

It can be, but this was more therapeutic for us. It wasn’t really us dragging it along, it was more of us creating music and moving forward.

I like that. I never thought of it like that. It’s cool that you guys were able to make the best of something like that. So if you guys had to describe this new EP in one word, how would you describe it? How would you want your fans to feel while listening to ‘Super Classic’?

Hmmm… I want to say happy, but it’s more than that. Excited? Happy and excited.

Breakup Disco EP

I think you guys are really sweet; you seem very down-to-earth guys. We’re wrapping up now and this is now the moment you guys have been waiting for! What is one message for your fans?

Hey guys!! This is Supertaste we have new music coming out, we’re releasing a new song every month until our EP releases in August. Listen to it and we love you! Muaaa!

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