Tucker from Sofi Tukker had a speaker side chat with our team at Life Is Beautiful. For those unfamiliar with Sofi Tukker, they are a musical duo, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, two Brown University alumnus. This pair threw all of their eggs into one basket, combining Tucker’s risky jungle-like instrumental with Sophie’s unique and somewhat subtle set of melodies.

Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker | Life Is Beautiful Festival via Facebook

Against all odds the duo made it big. Being most prestigious for their Grammy nominated song ‘Drinkee’, Sofi Tukker is also known for their song ‘Johny’ which is featured in EA Sport’s FIFA 17. They also found great popularity with their most recently debuted track ‘Best Friend’, the song behind the new iPhone X commercial.

Check out our exclusive interview at Life Is Beautiful Festival with Tucker from Sofi Tukker.

How would you describe your sound?

I don’t think I would call it a certain genre because I don’t think it would encompass what it is. It’s just us. It’s where Sophie and I’s brands come together.

When you guys collaborate, do you have one person focusing more on the instrumental and the other focusing more on the lyrics or how does it work? Do you guys ever butt heads with creativity?

We produce everything together. If one of us doesn’t completely love it, we drop it because we have to play this stuff every night. We tour all of the time, so constantly playing something we don’t enjoy would suck.

Blast ‘Best Friend’ below:

So you went to Brown University together. Were you friends throughout that whole college experience?

No, we had a few classes together, but besides that I didn’t know she existed. Sounds harsh, but I don’t think she knew I existed either. We’re best friends now, though.

So is there anything more between you two? Any potential sparks flying?

No, we have a no touching rule. We don’t even hug. She hugged me once when we were nominated for a Grammy.

Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker via Facebook

How was it being nominated for that Grammy? How did your family react?

It was awesome. My parents have always been supportive. They were supportive when I played basketball and when I decided to switch it up, they were really supportive with that, too. It’s always weird telling people you want to be a DJ before you actually make it big, but everyone has been great.

Turn up the volume to ‘Drinkee’ below:

We saw you perform at Coachella, can you tell us what that festival meant to you?

Coachella was cool, it was a milestone. Every artist dreams of performing at Coachella.

‘Best Friend’ is the feature song for the new iPhone X. What will that publicity do for you?

When it was first revealed it got a billion views. We’re hoping once it goes out people will watch the commercial and think of us.

Before committing to music, were you a huge raver?

Before music, I was really focused on basketball. I’ve always been into music, mostly rap, but I went through phases. House has always stuck with me.

Press play on ‘Johny’ below:

Talk to us about your tour with ODESZA. How was that set up? What do you think of their new album?

I think someone on their team saw us perform and later reached out. We’re pretty excited about it, we haven’t seen them live. We haven’t met, but they seem like cool guys. I’m looking forward to our date in Boston because I’m from there. Shows are spaced so we have time to explore the cities and towns.

Tell us a crazy story from tour.

In Seattle we performed a song called ‘Bat Shit Crazy’. Later that night a lady from the front row snuck backstage and apparently she was a bat specialist. She was really upset because she thought we were giving bats a bad name. She basically demanded us to reassure everyone that bats aren’t crazy.

One message to all of your fans?

I love you all and I can’t wait to dance with you!

Sofi Tukker

Photo via thatDROP

Unfortunately due to health, Sophie was not able to perform, but Tucker killed it at the intimate DJ set for Toyota.

We found Tucker to be a beautiful soul and a great contribution to the Life Is Beautiful lineup.

Sophie shared the following sentiments on their Facebook page:

Feeling really grateful for my best friend Tucker, who facetimed me into his DJ set in Las Vegas last night! Tuck is the most fun, big-hearted goober I know and I feel so lucky to be in a band with him??‍???‍? ! It’s really been so heart-warming to connect with so many beautiful people around the world. I wanna say especially how crazy it is that people who are suffering through natural disasters and whose houses are getting torn down right now are giving a shit about my migraines and sending me love, my goodness! I am sending ALL THE LOVE to EVERYBODY ❤️???!!!! We are in this life together! ⚡️xo -s

Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker | Best Friend via Facebook

Catch Sofi Tukker on tour.

Sofi Tukker Tour

Sofi Tukker on Tour 2017

Get your tickets on Sofi Tukker’s Official Website!

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