The 15th Annual Sonic Bloom Announces Phase 2 Lineup and Sunrise Set

The Sonic Bloom 2020 lineup expands the festival’s roots, keeping those Sonic Bloom vibes on-point with phase 1 bringing Tipper, Ott., Eoto Lettuce, Sunsquabi. The recent release of the phase 2 lineup adds essential headliners, psy-dub pioneer Minnesota and funk specialists SoDown. While Random Rab announced he will be treating us to a legendary sunrise set and other cutting-edge acts like, Shlump and Megan Hamilton, welcome the new decade.

Sonic Bloom 2020 Lineup (Phase 2)

Sonic Bloom 2020 Lineup Phase 2

Sonic Bloom’s roots grow deeper on the Hummingbird Ranch.

photo credit Bradford Watkins for The Chronic Electronic

Colorado’s premiere electronic music festival, is returning to Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks County for the 15th year in a row on June 18-22, 2020. Sonic Bloom remains a CO staple for electronic, jam, funk and music lovers of all flavors with vibrant energy that creates an intimate experience.

Sonic Bloom’s musical lineup echoes the worldly and spiritual vibe that emanates throughout the festival’s various workshops, artists, and decor. Many of the bands and producers on the lineup make music that implores you to dance as cathartic release, as well as offering opportunity for spiritual healing and cerebral experiences.

photo credit John Verwey

The Hummingbird Ranch is a beautiful piece of property that Sonic Bloom’s Founder, Jamie Janover aquired a few years back. The land is fully engulfed by mountains and offers an atmosphere of pure intimacy. The possibilities for creativity and self-expression never end here.

Sonic Bloom remains an event for the true individual; a welcoming, creative community encouraging the exploration of human potential, the next wave of art and music and the possibility of a more beautiful and just world. We come together June 18-22 to celebrate a global community that believes in the power of art, music and innovation to inspire a future worth believing in. Pick up your pass now.

Sonic Bloom 2020 Lineup (Phase 1)

Sonic Bloom 2020 Lineup

Sonic Bloom 2020:


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