So You Want to Produce, Where Will You Start?

So You Want to Produce, Where Will You Start?
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Music production.

In what’s quite possibly the most intricate, painstaking, and rewarding process known to man – a single human can now command the sounds of the universe with a click of a button.

Whether you want to create a glistening pop tune (nope) or an in-your-face club banger (that’s more like it) that will have the world’s dance floors bristling with the edge that only those who have felt it can describe – it’s all possible – and it’s all ready for the taking.

Whereas one used to have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear and a lifetime of knowledge to record a timeless classic, today’s production software can put the power of creation at your fingertips.

Red Rocks
The journey here has to start somewhere. Photo – Onthis Photography.

If you’re looking to start producing your own music, or if you’re looking to upgrade to that next perfect platform, these 4 videos should help you out in your choice.

Sit down, take some time, and dig in because there isn’t one magic bullet out there that hits the world’s targets. Some producers prefer FL, some prefer Ableton (just kidding, a hell of a lot prefer Ableton), some use Cubase or Logic – it all comes down to personal preference.

To give a brief idea of what’s out there, here are 4 favorite production platforms and DAWs (digital audio workstations) on the market right now. Check them out, and see what’s best for you!

Ableton Live

Image-Line FL Studio

Propellerhead Reason

Steinberg Cubase

With new innovations coming out on an almost day-to-day basis, there’s no more excuse. If you want to produce, it’s time to step up and get in the game.

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