Slushii Releases Phenomenal Jack Ü Remix Featuring His Own Vocals

Another week goes by, another Slushii track. We’re certainly not complaining.

Slushii, also known as Julian Scanlan, usually produces dubstep and trap sounds, and his remixes have always been a force to reckon with. In 2016 alone, he has remixed songs by Adventure Club, Skrillex, Kaskade, Galantis, Zedd and other big names in the industry.

This time, he remixed Jack Ü‘s highly successful “Mind” and even sings on it. It seems that the young producer is getting more comfortable with his own voice and artistic vision as each release of his tops the last.

Slushii turns “Mind” into a sweet and uplifting future bass tune.

Jack U - Mind ft Kai (Slushii Remix)
Jack U – Mind ft Kai (Slushii Remix)

Slushii‘s production duality is extremely fun. He balances his releases on being either softer future bass ones or heavier dubstep ones. Similar to his recent track “To Say Goodbye” and his remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer“, he opted for a softer remix of “Mind” and it works beautifully. He kept Kai‘s vocals intact and replaced Skrillex‘s with his own.

For me, Slushii‘s remix walks the fine line that many remixes often stumble on. He creates a sound that complements and pays homage to the original, without obliterating the song itself. I’ve heard remixes that sometimes completely excise the original and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it takes true finesse to complement the original while still adding a personal touch.

Slushii performs this admirably in “Mind”. It is impossible to not know what the song originally was, but his remix would never be mistaken for the original.

Listen to Slushii’s remix of “Mind” below:

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