Skrillex, Fred again.. and Flowdan Release ‘Rumble’ On the Heels of Skrillex’ Album Announcement

The highly anticipated return of Skrillex is underway with the release of ‘Rumble’, a substantial collaboration with rising EDM star Fred again.. and UK artist Flowdan.

‘Rumble’ has been a highly sought after track since Fred again..’s debut Boiler Room set last year. The single has also been tweaked and teased by various artists during 2022 festival season performances. While many expected the master release of ‘Rumble’ to be on Fred again..’s newest album, it was no where to be found and it left the community questioning what was to come. It turns out there was something more massive brewing which came to light at the turn of the new year.

Fred again.. Boiler Room

Skrillex broke his elusive nature on New Year’s Day with a major announcement that threw the EDM community into a total tizzy.

A short video including Skrillex’ logo and clips of new songs was accompanied by a caption that reads “QFF/DGTC 23”. The masses have discussed and reported that the acronyms stand for a pair of incoming albums in 2023.

The announcement comes almost a decade after Skrillex’s last solo album Recess.

Skrillex took to socials in May of 2022 to announce he was pulling out of two festival performances due to putting the finishing touches on his new albums. So, while the announcement doesn’t come as a total surprise, it does give us all a more definitive understanding that the triumphant return of beloved Skrillex is within reach. Buckle up friends! Nostalgia is priceless, and it seems we’re in for a treat.

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