Seven Lions Rocks Electric Forest, Gives Tips On How To Fill Your Summer

This past weekend at Electric Forest was our first chance to see Seven Lions perform. After hearing praise for his work at the EDMbiz conference and watching floods of people head to the Tripolee stage at EForest, we knew the throw down would be very real.

Playing big festivals is a special and unique environment to experience a new artist. The energy from people is infectious; the crowd feeds off the music and it enhances the experience. Not to mention there’s a 50 foot tower of speakers and the bass is likely rearranging your DNA.

Experiencing Seven Lions at Electric Forest

When it comes to artists like Seven Lions, this first experience was intense, beautiful and melodic. A unique, Bassnectar-esque headbanger with pounding harmonic bass, beautiful vocals, and cosmic sounds that resonated through the forest in a radiating symphonic wave.

This will undoubtedly not be the last time we make a point to see Seven Lions perform, if you haven’t already heard his music, check it out now and stay tuned for more EForest coverage.

Stay Safe at Music Festivals: A Friendly Reminder

Staying safe at these festivals should be everyone’s top priority. We encourage everyone to be responsible, stay safe and look out for each other.

Here are a few tips from Seven Lions to make the most of your summer festival experience, presented by Corona.


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