Senseless Is an Immersive Music Experience That Will Take You to a Place of Euphoria

Senseless in Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, is an immersive experience that combines music, art, sights, and touch meant to stimulate your senses like no other.

Artists will combine to awaken the sense which we are quick to ignore in everyday life.

Senseless 2016 Lineup
Senseless 2016 Lineup


Includes international artists such as Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursTube & Berger, and Rodriguez Jr.


Amal Peerzada, the curator for Senseless, has brought together local Toronto visual art talents to allow for a multi sensory experience, allowing people to connect with one another.

Visual artists such as Simon Falk and Carson Teal will display paintings, illustrations, 3D modelling, animation, and immersive installations. Exclusive 3D Mapping, LED art, and visuals will also be provided by Nu Spaces.


Sofia Escobar will display her textile constructions, as she is deeply influenced by textiles rich in ancient and cultural legacy.

The SubPac is a high-fidelity tactile bass system that quietly and directly transfers low frequencies to your body, providing the physical dimension to sound. As you wear it, you will experience a fully immersive music dimension that truly is the natural, logical progression to the sound experience.


A variety of local food vendors will be onsite offering delectable treats for your desire.


Aroma tech systems will be in place filling the air with a variety of scents.

Senseless - Immersive. Music. Experience.
Senseless – Immersive. Music. Experience.

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