Samplifire Closes His Viking Era With Glorious Ragnarok EP

A prominent member of the Disciple Round Table rogues gallery, Samplifire returns with four epic tracks in his latest offering: Ragnorok.


This EP opens up with “Ragnarok” an aggressive opener in collaboration with one of modern dubstep’s renowned heavy hitters: Kompany. This track is a glorious journey into Valhalla as it ushers in what is to come. Hard cinematic chugs immediately assault the senses on the first drop as the listener charges into a battle of sound. The follow up track, “Frenrir” has a more raw, heavy sway to it, reminiscent of the middle ages of modern dubstep. Track 3, titled “Friction” doesn’t play around and starts with sinister atmosphere that provides tension into a hissing and aggressive chugging drop. The closing track to this EP, “Hel” is as ice cold as it’s namesake, using well-textured drum patterns that features what sound like war horns that paint the picture of Samplifire’s hellish tundra.


From beginning to end, Ragnarok is relentless and heavy, bringing in synth work that creates a sense of grandeur and face melting bass chugs that fuel the fight. Ragnarok (named after the Scandinavian mythological end of gods and men) serves up the end of Samplifire’s Viking chapter.

“The sun will be darkened, the stars will vanish, and the earth will sink into the sea. Afterward, the earth will rise again into a new world at peace. Thank you all for following me during this journey into the Viking sound and world, I hope that you like this new EP” -Samy

French producer Samplifire keeps bringing the distinct heaviness that he is renowned for with this EP. Samplifire is quickly growing into one of the biggest up and coming riddim artists of our modern era of dubstep. 2020 was the year Samplifire’s sample pack held the number 3 position on Splice for over 3 weeks which is a testament to how much his sound design captivates both artists and listeners alike. Later this month, Samplifire and Dirtyphonics will tear up the dance floor at Insomniac’s forbidden Kingdom festival in Orlando in May.

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