Sam Feldt Narrates Summer Love Story With ‘Midnight Hearts’ Music Video

Sam Feldt Midnight Hearts Music Video
Sam Feldt Midnight Hearts Music Video

While he never disappoints us with his deep house jams and melodic mixtapes, the always groovy Sam Feldt has certainly turned up the heat in the video for his latest collaboration with The Him and ANGI3 titled “Midnight Hearts.”

After a great deal of hype from Feldt via social media, the highly anticipated video was finally released on March 30 following a heavy presence at Miami Music Week.

We all know Sam Feldt to be the giver of good vibes who could put someone in even the worst of moods in great one, but the upbeat tempo of this track paired with the high energy the video seriously takes it to the next level.

Sam Feldt Midnight Hearts Music Video
Sam Feldt performing in Boulder, Colorado

The video portrays a young and in love, thrill-seeking couple that breaks into a convenience store for an after-hours rendezvous.

The passionate chemistry between these two is undeniable, making it safe to say that you will never see a “B&E” get any steamier. It perfectly captures the care-free, ecstatic, and blissful vibes of the track that are particularly brought fourth by ANGI3 and her awesomely warm vocals.

Available on both SoundCloud and Beatport, you can vibe to “Midnight Hearts” the next time you and your honey decide to go on a spontaneous adventure.

With an exciting night that’ll have your heart racing and a beat to match, you’re in for a memory you’ll never forget (just try not to break into any convenience stores).

Check out the video for Sam Feldt’s “Midnight Hearts” below!

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