Grammy Nominated Artist, Ruby Mazur Sells NFT for 1.1 Million and Launches Campaign to Fight Cancer

“You have cancer” are three words that will turn your world upside down. Last year, Ruby Mazur, the artist behind the iconic Mouth and Tongue image for The Rolling Stones “Tumbling Dice” record sleeve heard those three words. He was told that he only had 6 months to live. He got his affairs in order, finished his will, and placed his beloved dogs. There was one last thing he wanted to do, paint. Like so many cancer victims, when faced with the terminal certainty he decided to channel himself into his work, and a treatment program consisting of alternative & holistic regiments.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Mouth and Tongue, and he wanted to celebrate it with one final show. Ruby began spending his days meditating and focusing on himself, chasing down acupuncture and other alternative treatments, because at his core, Ruby is a fighter. He also wanted his final exhibit to be his biggest and best yet, the final show from an icon of pop culture. He teamed up with Holle Fine Art Gallery and Cosmic Wire to produce the first ever hybrid Canvas and NFT art exhibit in Hawaiian history.

On the first night of the exhibit, Ruby Mazur sold his first NFT for $1.1m becoming one of the highest priced NFTs ever sold.

Now Ruby is going to auction off the other 12 originals, spreading his hopeful message of #fukcancer, which has already gain support from rock n roll heavy-weights, Marky Ramone and Leland Sklar (James Taylor).  A portion of the proceeds of every sale will go to the LET ME HELP foundation to fund further cancer research and treatment. Ruby is happy to say that he is now officially a Cancer survivor, through treatment, positive thinking, and an unwillingness to let the disease tear him from from his vision. His doctors have informed him that the tumor has subsided and is no longer life threatening. His story an inspiring tale of courage, and a message for us all. So join us, celebrate this man’s finest achievement, and finally, #fukcancer

Ruby Mazur’s NFT Store, powered by Cosmic Wire

Ruby Mazur NFT Store powered by Cosmic Wire

Auction Running Now

Each item includes the original Canvas art as well as a custom framed digital display for the NFT! All items are 1 of 1 and personally signed by Ruby Mazur!


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