Toronto-based music producer Rezonate is 22 years old and is dropping timeless tracks back to back including “X-Ray” released in 2016 by Monstercat. This powerful, hip-hop, future bass, original track featuring Jyhve will have you googling to find out more about these Canadian, up-and-coming artists.


X-Ray Cover Art

Rezonate’s powerful, liberating track “X-Ray” featuring Jhyve will get you through any tribulation you’re currently experiencing.

The hip-hop, lyrical flow Jyhve provides accompanied by Rezonate’s future bass sounds will have you playing this track on repeat and showing your friends the treasure you’ve found.

I got the X-ray vision
I got the X, I got the X
Maybe you thought you won
But I’m still undefeated

Press play and get your power back:

Last I heard
You were chasing everything you thought you deserved
Living life like you’d rather be seen than heard
Playing with them matches ’till someone gets burned
Lessons get learned

Now you’re calling my phone
Last time we spoke you were saying, “So long”
Now you’re hitting me up like, “What’s going on?”

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