Rezident Hits Deep with Organic House Rework of Parra for Cuva’s ‘Ordel’

Berlin’s Parra for Cuva grabbed our attention with his previous album, Paspatou, especially the peace-blasting album titled track. Digging deeper into his collection you will find his work with Max Cooper and the coveted minimal techno artist, Christian Löffler, his set at Telekom Electronic Beats Festival in Budapest and more emotional dance floor experimentations with acoustic and ethnic soundscapes. 

Parra for Cuva shares on his music, “I don’t believe in spirituality in music but there’s definitely something when you take these traditional melodies and put them together with synths and beats – it takes you on a trip.”

Most recently Parra for Cuva released ‘Ordel’, containing Australian singer’s Kyson airy vocals and British neo-soul musician’s Beau Diako gentle guitar strings. While today brings German producer Rezident‘s remix of ‘Ordel’. Rezident’s organic house remake bridges the gap between celebration and therapy by developing a throbbing beat and echoing reverb while keeping the meditative and hypnotic feel of the original piece.   

Purra for Cuva ‘Ordel’ Rezident Remix

Rezident shares, “Ordel has an acoustic feel to it, and every element feels very organic. While working on the remix, I really enjoyed playing with these sounds and structuring them into my version of this record.”

Download ‘Ordel’

Parra for Cuva understands that music-making isn’t about converging ideologies and world views, rather these multi-cultural collaborations were forged solely on the basis of a mutual love of music. Continue your day with Juno’s Paspatou and Rezident’s set for Anjunadeep, then head to their platforms for much more quality music.

Purra for Cuva: SoundCloud | Spotify

Rezident: SoundCloud | Spotify

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