Review the Moonrise Festival Lineup through our Favorites by Boombox Cartel

This year’s Moonrise Festival lineup is money, one set we are sure to upfront for will be Boombox Cartel‘s. Americo Garcia & Jorge Medina, known collectively as Boombox Cartel, have watched their music thrive as they take their career to awesome, new heights.

With all of their success, Garcia and Medina have still been able to stay true to their distinct sound and artistry. The pair met at music school in Minnesota and after realizing their potential as a duo, moved out to Los Angeles to make it big. Their tracks received support from popular acts like Martin Garrix and Skrillex very early on.

Before they knew it, the pair was playing at huge events like Global Dance Festival, EDC Mexico, Lollapalooza and now Moonrise Festival 2017.

Their success has a lot to do with their unique sound. If you listen to their tracks, you’ll hear everything from high-energy dubstep to some very filthy trap. They master tracks that are more melodic, too, and even dabble in drum and bass.

photo credit Boombox Cartel

On their sick collaboration with NGHTMRE titled ‘Aftershock’, trippy sound effects are paired with a sweet piano riff and massive drops.

The two outdo themselves on ‘Alamo’ which seems to move back-and-forth effortlessly between intense, melodic build-ups and epic, trappy hooks.

On ‘Phoenix’, Boombox Cartel brings a varied set of influences and sounds to the table. A cascading, drum and bass beat melds with trap-inspired breaks during the hook. The feel-good melody, sick build-ups and awesomely wild synths make it an unforgettable piece of music.

These two continue to evolve artistically, and we definitely hope that they share more new music very soon.

In the meantime, catch them this year at Moonrise Festival 2017 by purchasing tickets here.

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