R3hab Shares on Tropical Release “Ones You Miss” via CYB3RPVNK

Dutch-Moroccan powerhouse DJ R3hab recently dropped a new banger titled “Ones You Miss” via CYB3RPVNK records. CYB3RPVNK is the brainchild of R3HAB himself and, since its inception in 2016, has been responsible for over 2 billion streams from its large range of artists.

R3hab has made a name for himself in all realms of music over the last decade, working with massive artists like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and 5 Seconds of Summer. Ranked by DJ magazine in the top 20 for the last four years, R3hab is no stranger to putting out excellent work, and this new song is definitely not one to miss! 

R3hab shares on ‘Ones You Miss’:

“At the end of a year, we look back and celebrate milestones, but the memories that mean the most to me are always the special moments with my family, friends, and fans. I want this song to let the people I love know that I can’t wait to be with them again.”

One’s You Miss” is a song about self-reflection. It forces you to ask yourself that daunting question, “Am I really happy with the life I’m living?” This last year more than others, has forced humanity to look inside themselves and dig deeper. You tend to take the little things in life for granted when everything is normal, but when those simple pleasures are taken away, you start to realize how much we really miss. The music video shows R3hab traveling the world and playing shows, two of the things he misses the most.

R3hab AKA Fadil El Ghoul to his friends and family is one of the music industry’s real workhorses. Since 2010 he has released over 170 remixes, 100 singles, and two full-length studio albums. Those are just the songs that he claims as his, and knowing how many other artists he has produced for, it’s truly hard to imagine how many songs he has made a massive impact on. We, as a community, owe him one big thank you! 

R3hab Online:

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