The Beginning of 2021 with Proximity: Nitti Gritti, Alok, Rico and Miella and GhostDragons

Proximity was founded in 2009 and is the brainchild of fellow producer Blake Coppelson. The label started as a way for him to showcase his new music to his mere 100 followers but quickly spiraled into something far greater than even Blake could have imagined. Proximity is responsible for over 4 billion views and is truly an amazing way for artists to grow their following at an accelerated rate.

Blake provides a life-changing service for so many artists and makes a lasting impact that can never be repaid. Always at the forefront of more melodic music, its well worth exploring what Proximity has to showcase in 2021, starting with Nitti Gritti‘s “Where I Belong”.

Richard Mears, AKA Nitti Gritti, to his fans, has made quite the rise in music since his emergence in 2016. The Mad Decent signed artist has been extremely busy throughout the last year putting out several projects with some seriously big names (Dillion Francis, Bad Bunny, Diplo, and SAINT JHN.) In 2020 he released two EP’s All In and Breath Out that generated a ton of buzz for him going into 2021.

Mears’s newest single, “Where I Belong,” is his first track of the new year. “Where I Belong” feat. RUNN is the first song released through Proximity, and it’s a big step for Mears in continuing to gain worldwide exposure. Proximity is one of the country’s largest EDM distribution sources, with over 8 million subscribers to their youtube page alone. You can see how getting a feature through them is a dream come true for so many young and hungry artists. The song talks about that time in your life when you’re going through something very difficult, and the future cannot seem to come soon enough. Time heals all wounds, they say, but some leave bigger scars than others.

Proximity shares on “Where I Belong”:

“FIRST NITTI GRITTY RECORD ON PROX! Sorry just a little excited! I’ve always loved Nitti Gritti because of his personality and creativity. He also played Digital Mirage two times so far, and his energy is unparalleled. Very very proud of him for coming off a Grammy nomination with Diplo/Party Favor for “On My Mind”. Running is equally as important and impressive. The lyrics and vocals are perfect and this makes one of my favorite releases ever on Proximity. I hope you all enjoy! 🙂 ?”

Another recent release from Proximity that is making waves is “Rapture” from Alok and Daniel Blume. This progressive house track is an upbeat mix with some excellent vocals from Blume. This a definite add to the new year playlist.

“Remember Me” by Rico and Miella is another great track that you need to check out! This will be their second time working with Proximity, and they put out a really awesome song. The vocals pull you in, and the lyrics are so relatable.

GhostDragons remix of “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo is definitely going to blow up! The original mix is the number one song globally, and GhostDragon has certainly put out the best remix.


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