Programs That You Must Install for Comfortable Use of Windows

Computers require different types of software for them to run effectively. To get the best experience out of your computer, you need to install the respective software made to carry out different functions. As soon as you purchase a new PC, you will have to install some basic applications for you to use the computer. Such apps are the backbone of your computer. In the software market there are so many options for various programs. Experts from will help you determine which ones you must have on your computer. Below are some of the applications that you need to install to ensure that you get the best experience while using your computer.

Google Chrome

Google chrome is one of the best browsers that you can think of installing on your computer. I like it because it is speedy and has a vast library of extensions. Unlike most of the browsers in the market, you can do an instant image search. The cross-platform syncing feature allows you to open your phone tabs on your desktop and vise-Versa. Is that a fantastic browser? I am sure you already like its features. You can pin all the tabs containing your research, and whenever your computer fails to shut down correctly, the pinned tabs will be reopened again. Imagine the struggle that you could go through looking for the pages that you had identified to be useful for your research. To avoid such struggles, make google chrome your must-have software, and you will have no regrets. However, if you are seeking to have a browsing experience that is free from Google tracking, then chrome is not the browser for you. There are plenty of other browsers out there, such as Firefox, which you can use to access the internet.


Are you a music lover? Have you gotten tired of organizing your MP3 music collection on your computer? Guys from EssayWritingService.Canada strongly recommend trying Spotify. It is software that you should be thinking about. It provides the user with music streaming services hence eliminating the need to buy individual albums digitally or physically. All that you need is an active internet connection, and you will be good to go. Spotify has an ad-supported free plan that will allow you listens to much as you like. In the case of avid listeners, then the premium plan works best for them. Unlike other music streaming services such as iTunes that can only be used on the web, Spotify has a user-friendly window app. Therefore, if you choose it as your music streaming site, then I recommend that you use the application version. It provides the user with a better experience as compared to the web. Hence, for music lovers, this is one of the must-have programs for windows. It will make you fall in love with music more due to the access to music that it gives the user.


Other than the commercial or official purposes of a PC, most people purchase it for entertainment purposes.  I am sure you would want to watch a movie away from the disturbance of other family members who might want to watch something different on the TV. The good news is that your computer will provide that platform for you. VLC is one of the best applications that you can use to play videos on your computer. However, with the availability of YouTube, people might end up forgetting that they need a video player on their computer. Just when your internet connection is down is when you will realize that you can’t play videos on your computer. To avoid such situations, VLC has been developed to help you play your media files locally. VLC has tones of features that enable you to play media with most of the unimaginable formats. Without the right video player, you might be required to mess with the video codecs for it to play in a particular media player. Why not save yourself from all that hustle and install VLC today. You will be amazed that you will not need to install an insecure quick time. It is the wish of every user to protect their computer from malware, and this becomes a challenge when you keep on installing unsafe applications. Let VLC save you from the hustle of installing such apps.


People are used to taking screenshots as a way of recording funny memories or keeping important information. A lot of people realize that they have little knowledge of how to take a screenshot on the different versions of windows or PCs. You must have gotten used to the easy way of taking screenshots on your phones. Well, the best part is that you can easily do the same while using your computer. Writing services require an individual to send particular information which can only be shared in the form of a screenshot. If such a case happens to you, how will you go about it? Well, I have a solution for you. ShareX is the best app that you should think of. It has plenty of exciting features that will allow you to edit your screenshot to your preference. For instance, it has various capture methods, a ruler, color grabber, and automated steps that will help you edit your screenshot. You can easily crop out any information that you do not want to include in your screenshot. I find it to be the best program for PC since it saves someone the struggles of screenshotting using different versions of PCs. s


Among the applications for computer that I find to be most useful is the F.lux since it automatically filters the blue light from your computer at dusk. If you do not need to where light glasses every time you use your PC, then this is the best application for you. It allows you to continue with your work at night without having to suffer a blind light on your eyes. Therefore, protect your eyes as soon as you buy a PC by installing this application.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about what to install in a new PC. With the above application, you almost have every activity covered. The best part is that all the apps are free. They all have alternatives in case you do not enjoy their features. You can quickly get their alternatives without many struggles. Keep trying them until you get the best app to serve a particular purpose.


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