Porter Robinson & Madeon Release Long-Awaited “Shelter” and Announce Joint Live Tour

As Porter Robinson‘s Worlds album hits 2 years old tomorrow, it was about time he dropped a new track. Out of nowhere this morning, he dropped a collaboration with childhood friend Madeon, titled “Shelter”.

Fans of both of these artists have been waiting for a collaboration between them for years now. In addition to dropping the single, they announced a joint live tour occurring later this year.

“Shelter” is the perfect combination of Porter and Madeon’s sound.

Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

With both of these artists having similar fan bases and similar artistic visions, it was only a matter of time until the track would surface. After festival season when things have calmed down, they release “Shelter” which showcases their shared love for “beautiful” music.

Featuring both of their vocals, beautiful chord progression, and luscious sounds that we’ve come to love from both of these producers, the collaboration does not disappoint.

Starting in late September, they will be going on a North American live tour combining their talents for one epic show. Both of their individual tours, Worlds (Live) and Adventure (Live), saw critical success from fans and music-lovers alike.

This new tour will feature both of them performing live back to back – maybe even playing new music! Check the official tour website – HERE – or click the tour dates picture below.

Listen to “Shelter” below:

Shelter Live Tour Dates:

Porter Robinson & Madeon // Shelter Live Tour 2016
Porter Robinson & Madeon // Shelter Live Tour 2016

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