Playing Your Favorite Songs on the Guitar

Listening to your favorite song is of course a lot of fun, but how nice would it be if you could also play this song yourself on the guitar. To be able to play these songs you will of course need access to the chords you have to play. In addition, you also need a good guitar to play these chords as well as possible. In this blog we are going to tell you where to find the guitar chords of your favorite song. And on which guitar or other instrument you could play these chords.

Where do you find your favorite songs

For starters, of course you would like to know where to find the guitar chords of your favorite songs. You can find almost all songs you can think of on chordify, the chords of all these songs are on this website. In addition, you can also easily filter on what kind of songs you want. For example, you can filter on songs for Mother’s Day, World Piano Day and also on songs with easy guitar chords. This way, even if you don’t have inspiration, you can come to fun songs via these filters, so that you can learn to play this song too. And you can also choose whether you want to play an easy song or a difficult song.

Different guitars

Of course you need a guitar to play the guitar, but there is more than one type of guitar. So you have to choose which guitar you want to play since you can choose from three guitars. You have the classical guitar, also called the acoustic guitar, which is the most advantageous to play. You don’t need any extra accessories for this guitar. You could also choose an electric guitar or a bass guitar, the difference is that you need an amplifier for these guitars. Without an amp, you won’t get a decent sound from an electric or bass guitar.

Other instruments

In addition to providing the chords for the guitar for many different songs, chordify also provides the chords for other instruments. So when you want to try something different, but still want to be able to keep playing your favorite song. Then this opportunity is offered for the following instruments, namely the ukulele and for the piano. With the help of these chords from the other instruments you can broaden your musical world. Because the more instruments you can play, the more fun it will be to play a song more often than every time with a different instrument.