Our Favorite Track Off The New Excision Album ‘Virus’ Is ‘Drowning’

Excision‘s new album,’Virus‘, is finally available for us to eat up. The album release goes perfectly with his extensive ‘PARADOX’ tour that is heading across North America. Along with this soul probing track, ‘Drowning’ featuring Akylla, the album consists of 10 tracks that include filthy collaborations with Dion TimmerProtohype and Space Laces.

Excision ‘Drowning’ feat Akylla

In ‘Drowning’, Akylla’s lyrics and pitch will hit you deep down inside and the drop wraps you up in a big bass blanket.

Mark your calendars for when Excision will be around, because chances are he will be near your town with all the shows he will be playing over the next few months. You will not be disappointed in the elevated live production Excision is capable of… Check out his full tour by clicking here.

Listen to ‘Drowning’ by Excision feat Akylla below: 

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