On The Road To SnowGlobe Playlist: SnowTape Vol. 4 ft. Chet Porter & Manila Killa

With SnowGlobe just a few days away you will want to start creating your SnowGlobe playlist to jam to on your journey up to this winter wonderland. Don’t forget SnowGlobe’sSnowTape Vol. 4, feat. Manila Killa and Chet Porter.

This hour long set will give you chills of anticipation for SnowGlobe and a small taste of the magical experience that you’re in for.

Manila Killa and Chet Porter worked together on this masterpiece of a mix. Manila Killa is a dance/electronic DJ and producer from the Philippines, and is also a part of Hotel Garuda and Moving Castle. Another member of Moving Castle and also Foreign Family CollectiveChet Porter, is an acclaimed producer from Canada.

SnowTape Vol. 4 feat Manila Killa and Chet Porter

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these two perform live yet, make sure not to miss their upcoming sets at SnowGlobe this weekend. The two kick off the mix with a skype conversation, giving personal vibes to the set which transitions into a relaxing groove.

SnowGlobe 2015 photo via SnowGlobe

In this playlist, you will be swayin’ to tracks such as Hayden James- “Something About You” (Odesza Remix) and Kiiara- Feels (Jai Wolf Remix). Melt into your seat with remixes of Yellerkin- “Tools” (Louis the Child Remix),  and enjoy a combination of chill beats from tracks by artists including Lido, Flume, The Knocks, and Cashmere Cat, which together create a perfect pump-up SnowGlobe blend.

Listen to SnowTape Vol. 4 with Manila Killa and Chet Porter below:

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