It’s Official: Festival VR is Here

Insomniac announced its partnership with Venue Interactive to bring fans a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality activation for the 6th annual Escape: Psycho Circus, on October 28 and 29 at the NOS Events Center.

Fans will be treated to a heightened level of interactivity, as they control the elements of their own virtual reality adventure.

Festival-goers will have the ability to “teleport” between live performances, and relive past Insomniac festivals in an interactive VR experience.

Escape Psycho Circus Virtual Reality
Escape Psycho Circus Virtual Reality

The VR activation will have locations in both General Admission and VIP. Each of these stations will consist of HTC’s Vive VR system, high-end gaming PCs powered by NVIDIA, and V-Moda Headphones, transporting fans into another dimension.

Each of the two featured stages, Slaughterhouse and Ghouls’ Graveyard, will be equipped with Venue Interactive’s 360-degree cameras to capture live performances, situating VR users right next to their favorite artists as they perform in real-time.

For those looking to take a break but never miss out, this VR activation will allow users to be everywhere at once beyond the realm of imagination.

Watch the official trailer for Escape Psycho Circus 2016 below:

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