Notaker’s 5-track “Genesis” EP

Notaker recently released his 5-track EP, “Genesis”. Notaker is an American DJ and producer who is rising at a very rapid pace. He stems his inspiration for music from artists such as Hans Zimmerdeadmau5Eric Prydz and M83. This is shown in his style of music as he creates all genres from ambient to progressive and house.

The release of Notaker’s 5-track “Genesis” EP is very calculated.

We’ve been noticing many artists releasing songs that fans can relate to emotionally and mentally. Notaker does just that – he very carefully chose the order of this EP to tell a story of sorts.


This EP is a sonic device designed to bring you through space and time, to other worlds and into different dimensions, to tell a story, and to give the listener an experience unlike any other.

Notaker is the artist that doesn’t just want his listeners to hear his beautifully created mini-album, but to go through a magical experience in the lyrics and melodies each song brings.

Now, come bask in the experience “Genesis” has to offer, and let’s dive into a fantasy that leads us to other worlds and dimensions.

Just close your eyes

Come closer
I need you to hear me now
I’m a cold whisper
That you can figure out

Who I am feat. Karra

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