Never Forget MiHKAL’s Cozy Coachella Set at The Do LaB

Let’s revisit the surreal and comforting vibes MiHKAL created during Coachella in 2015 at The Do LaB. MiHKAL‘s is notorious for his melodic yet nasty, hood rich trap production, and ecstatic live performances. He provides dancers and listeners a sonic catalyst from which their own creative expressions can emerge.

Tantalize your mind by listening to MiHKAL’s Coachella set from 2015 that features Bassnectar, Jackal, Future, Troy BoiG Jones, and more. 

MiHKAL Live on the Do LaB stage at Coachella 4/10/2015

Also, notice some bass heavy remixes of J-Zay, Drake, and The Weeknd tracks. You will definitely hear his Bay Area influence and appreciate the unique air he creates during his sets. You can download this set for free by clicking here.

Listen to MiHKAL’s Coachella set from 2015 below:

Full setlist: 

  1. G Jones – ‘Terminal 3’
  2. The Originalz & Muppet Punk – ‘Broken Barrier’
  3. Troy Boi – ‘O.G.’
  4. Hucci – ‘Mafia’
  5. Future – ‘Move That Dope’ (Chris B. Remix)
  6. MiHKAL – ‘DRiPPiN’
  7. MiHKAL – ‘DRiPPiN” (Dubvirus & Djedi remix)
  8. Tinashe – ‘Vulnerable’ (Jacuzzi remix)
  9. Dimond Saints – ‘Sum Luv’
  10. MiMOSA – ‘Boss Shit’
  11. Riff Raff – ‘Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz’ (Andrew Luce Remix)
  12. Jackal – ‘Chinchilla’
  13. Buku – ‘Fooled’
  14. Sliink – ‘What U Waitin 4’ (RL Grime & Salva remix)
  15. Charity Strike & Bais Haus – ‘Hypeman’ (Chris B. Remix)
  16. RL Grime – ‘Core’
  17. MiM0SA – ‘Echo Park’
  18. Bassnectar – ‘Noise’ (Pantyraid remix)
  19. Chris B. – ‘Retrograde’
  20. King Henry & Great Dane – ‘Tamale’
  21. Lafa Taylor – ‘Heaters’ (Bassnectar Remix)
  22. Jay-Z – ‘Holy Grail’ (On The Low Remix)
  23. Drake – ‘Best I Ever Had’ (K Theory Remix)
  24. MiM0SA – ‘Jagged Edge’
  25. The Weeknd ft. Drake – ‘Live For’ (The Ninetys & Hucci Remix)

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