Prominent Netherlands Hardstyle Producer Audiofreq Drops ‘Head Split’ [Dirty Workz]

When you think of structured chaos, there’s no denying that Audiofreq is the artist to pull off the almost impossible in an almost over stimulation of the auditory senses.


His latest hardstyle single “Head Split‘ on Dirty Workz does the title justice, touting an absolutely annihilating barrage of kicks and a plethora of adrenaline inducing sounds to raise the energy levels way above normal peak values.

Audiofreq ‘Head Split’

‘Head Split’ is a track you put on to both rave -and rage.. against the machine. Whether you’re in need of a moment of pure ecstasy on the dance floor or a reason to just scream and let go – both your body and mind will thank you for that intense boost of energy.

Race on over to your favourite streaming platform and pop this bad boy into your personal playlist.

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