Nessa P Drops Single “ya ya ya” June 28th


Following the release of her Only Love EP in May, Nessa P is dropping her first single of the summer “ya ya ya”!. With plans to drop a series of high energy tracks all summer long. July 8th BYKE x NESSA P share their recent project “Set Me Free”

“ya ya ya” photo/cover art credit: Vanessa De La Rosa
“ya ya ya” photo/cover art credit: Vanessa De La Rosa

LOS ANGELES, CA – Following her recent Only Love EP drop, Nessa P brings the world her latest single “ya ya ya”! The song was born at the Dream Hotel in Hollywood, where the producer was staying for a week. The Track is the first in a series of summer singles this multi-instrumentalist music producer is planning to drop a series of high energy bangers for your enjoyment. July 8th BYKE x Nessa P drop their remix collaboration project “Set Me Free,” an exceptional reworking of the original Nessa P track “(Gotta) Do This,” presave that for yourself HERE.

The song came together very quickly, Nessa used sample recordings of ambient sound and conversations she had with friends in Amsterdam in the summer of 2023. Nessa explains “I had these samples I made that were just sitting there. While I was crafting this song, the vibe started to bring up nostalgia from Amsterdam partying with friends. I started chopping the Amsterdam samples up and adding them to the composition in different places.” The result is a fun and relatable dance track that displays Nessa P’s growth as an artist.

Nessa P says of the track:

“The best part of this track to me is that the person saying “ya ya ya” is my absolute rager of a friend, Kara, she’s just too cool, I had to get her on a track, we’ve just had too many crazy nights together that embody the spirit of this song.”

The track brings feelings of the perfect night out, with friends that you love and adore, a vibe that Nessa P curates in her personal life. Nessa P is adamant about the value of taking in a good show with friends you know, or new ones you will make when you get there. “Thats what I love about EDM, the people are the best, vibes are always on point, anything is possible and the night can seem like it can go on forever,” Nessa P continues, “bringing people together is what this is all about, thats what any great DJ has expressed in one way or another, and I aspire to that!”

Nessa P is a bourgeoning artist, that will be making a sophomoric push in this next chapter of her music career. Starting with her debut single “LIFE” in March of 2023, she has been building momentum, dropping her Only Love EP in May of 2024, and now she is continuing to line up drops for the rest of the year. Visit her newly designed, by Nessa herself, website HERE.

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