Muti Music Celebrates 20 Years with ill.Gates, Opiuo, MiMOSA and More

20 Years Of Muti features outstanding new tunes from current, past and future artists that have worked with us at Muti Music.

20 Years of Muti Music 

The compilation kicks off in party mode with Opiuo doing what he does and bringing absolutely great dance vibes. MiMOSA, Iterate (formerly Andreilien / Heyoka), AAYA (with her debut), Dov1 and Re:Set all drop various versions of halftime DnB, ranging from a good wobble, to heady glitch and some anthemic melodies.

ill.Gates & Solkata, Morillo, Jake Robertz & Oli Orval, and Ape Suit all go on the deeper and trippy side of 140 Deep Dubstep, while An-ten-nae elevates that deep vibe with some gorgeous melodies that are followed by a beautiful Wave track by Gladkill.

We then drop into a couple tunes by Djunya and Nikes, heavily influenced by Juke / Footwork and round off nicely with two Drum & Bass tunes full of deep melodic vibes, by Mat The Alien and Origin.

Muti Music has continued to support emerging and established genres of bass music for the past 2 decades. Sometimes referred to as the US first multi-genre Bass music label and serving as the launchpad or continuation of more than 100 artists careers, and helping build up a few notable names along the way. We thank all the bass music fans that have helped us get this far and continue to release dynamic new sounds reflecting our urban futurist culture.

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