Music Analytics for Every Industry Professional

Crafting a more inclusive music industry, aims to democratize access to crucial data by providing affordable music analytics to every industry player for a mere $9.90 per month. This transformative move is designed to support independent labels and artists who previously found the cost of such services prohibitive. The company has slashed the price of its professional suite from $129 to just $9.90, unlocking premium analytics to a broader audience and leveling the playing field for all.

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With an extensive monitoring system, Viberate’s music analytics keeps tabs on over 1 million artists, translating their performance across various platforms – streaming, social media, and more – into actionable insights. This wealth of data supports informed business decisions, offering detailed analytics for different channels, including Spotify and TikTok, and empowering industry professionals to discover and nurture new talent efficiently.

As industry professionals, understanding Spotify data analytics is crucial. Viberate excels in this domain by offering an insightful analysis of artists’ streaming performances on Spotify. The platform provides a comprehensive tracker, documenting monthly listeners, followers, streams, and playlist inclusion, allowing a detailed exploration of an artist’s Spotify history and daily data.

One of the standout features is having all of an artist’s tracks analyzed and accessible in one central location. Users can efficiently filter songs by streams and release dates, with the added convenience of listening to them in the same section. The platform even offers a detailed breakdown of an artist’s monthly listeners, segmented by country and city for a granular view of their audience.

Diving deeper into playlist performance, Viberate’s playlist analyzer meticulously scrutinizes every aspect of an artist’s Spotify playlist. The playlist analyzer provides valuable insights into playlist placements, identifying top-performing playlists and tracks. With this tool, users can effectively monitor the reach of a playlist and the count of active playlists over time, strategically analyzing the impact of particular song or album releases. This playlist analyzer is an invaluable tool for artists looking to understand their presence and performance on popular playlists, providing crucial data to inform their next moves in the competitive music industry.

Furthermore, the playlist analyzer not only offers an overview of playlist performance but also features a substantial chart of over 12 million playlists. This expansive catalog enables users to identify playlists that best align with an artist’s genre and career stage. The filtering options are impressively extensive, allowing for filtration by genre, curator type, song popularity, and release date to ensure the playlist features newly released tracks. Users can sort these by various metrics like popularity, follower growth, or song count, allowing for targeted and strategic playlist placement.

The platform’s Chart feature, identified by the company as a game-changer for talent discovery, offers users a simplified process for discovering and screening talent efficiently. It allows for easy navigation and saving of different filtering options, ensuring that users can quickly access the information they need in the future.

In summary, Viberate is a pivotal resource for anyone serious about music analytics, providing a suite of tools that are not only affordable but also comprehensive and user-friendly. Whether you’re looking to discover new talent, track your roster, plan promotional campaigns, or create business reports, Viberate’s services are worth exploring. With a price point that invites everyone from indie artists to established labels, it’s an investment that promises to deliver value by turning streaming and social data into actionable insights for better business decisions in the music industry.

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