MTV Documentary Shows How One Man Got in to Over 25 Music Festivals For Free

mtv documentary no cameras allowed
No Cameras Allowed

We have all been there at one point or another. There is that music festival that you desperately want to attend but the lack of finances makes it seem like dancing the weekend away is simply out of the question.

Marcus Haney, a USC film student in 2010, did not let his lack of resources stop him from pursuing his dream.

In the documentary No Cameras Allowed, Haney captures his experiences as he proceeds to sneak in to 25 music festivals around the world, immersing himself in the culture and become a part of the family. The trailer gives a look in to the journey that completely transformed his life, allowing him to become a professional photographer with features including the cover art for Mumford & Sons album Babel in addition to multiple publications in Rolling Stone.

No Cameras Allowed premiered August 29 on MTV.

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