Milk N Cooks Rattle Up Chance The Rapper’s ‘No Problem’ [Free Download]


Milk N Cookies Chance the Rapper remix

Chicago DJ duo Milk N Cooks are leading the Post-Bro House Movement. Over the past month they have been rolling out primo material. Their most recent release is a remix of Chance The Rapper‘s ‘No Problem’ that shows off how these guys rip it.

Milk N Cooks rattle up Chance’s ‘No Problem’ to make you feel all sorts of ways.

This remix leaves all the vital elements of Chance’s ‘No Problem’ yet adds an unexpected but highly welcomed trap infused drop. Find out what dance moves you come up with when it hits.

Listen to and download for free Milk N Cooks’ remix of Chance’s ‘No Problem’:

Prior to this Chance The Rapper remix, they dropped a sexy single driven by deep bass, electric guitar and smoky vocals.

They dubbed the laid back single appropriately ‘Joy District’ featuring Slutsky‘s vocals. Accompanying the release is a music video around a night out in Chi-Town, which is brought to us by Garrick Film.

Watch Milk N Cooks’ music video for ‘Joy District’: 

Also, don’t miss out on their Tasty Beats sessions, when they throw a slew of bangers at you.

Dive into their collection of music and stay in touch with their latest releases via their social media handles listed below. We will leave you with their single with Brewski titled ‘Wait 4 U‘  that layers in some future bass feels.

Listen to Milk N Cooks & Brewski’s ‘Wait 4 U’: 

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