Dream Team, Fairlane, ROZES, and JT Roach Link Up for ‘Out Loud’ [Monstercat]

Fairlane, ROZES, and JT Roach have decided to bless the EDM community with one of the best songs of 2021 by far! ‘Out Loud’ out now via Monstercat is an exceptional track that displays each artist’s individual talents so well. This will be the first time all three artists have worked together, and with such unique backgrounds it’s hard not to get excited over a collaboration like this.

The emotive electro pop mix takes you through the highs and lows of a breakup and all the feelings that come along with it. These three artists portrayed the beauty of that journey perfectly and did justice to show how much of a struggle that can be.

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All three artists spoke about ‘Out Loud’, let’s see what they had to say.

Vancouver’s Fairlane shares, “This record is the perfect example of what can happen when three like-minded individuals come together on a project – each gifting their collaborative input. I had an absolute blast producing this record with ROZES and JT Roach, and I really hope people love it as much as we do!”


In late 2018, Fairlane entered the live music scene supporting ILLENIUM on his Awake 2.0 Tour, followed by support for similar artists such as Gryffin, Vanic, and William Black, as well as recent slots for charity-streams like Room Service Festival.

Philadelphia’s ROZES comments, “Out Loud” is made up of all the thoughts in one’s head when walking the line of losing someone you love most. It’s all the words you don’t want to say and all the things you dread doing because you know in the end it means losing a giant piece of you. It’s the act of surrendering.”



The Madison-born, LA based singer, songwriter JT Roach adds, “Out Loud” is a special song to me both because I am honored to work with ROZES and Fairlane, and also because the story of the lyrics has helped me put to rest the phase of my life when I was really struggling with my relationship with my girlfriend and with myself. It’s nice to be able to remember the pain of that time, and to feel the gratitude that we were able to grow through it and end up stronger than we were before.” 

JT Roach

Dive into our interview with ROZES from Firefly 2017 while explore more of her lush collection and be sure to show the love to Fairlane and JR Roach via their socials.

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