jackLNDN Touches Melodic to Progressive House Through New Album, Patterns

London-born house producer jackLNDN releases his long-awaited LP Patterns today via his imprint Jack’s House

jackLNDN shares his thoughts on the album: “I wanted to accurately reflect my experiences over the last three years, meaning there’s a darker, more urgent energy driving this album. Emotions ranging from all out chaos, to pure joy, self-destruction, love, depression & hope.

‘Patterns’ takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of what has been a crazy time for us all. I’ve evolved as an instrumentalist which has informed the way I approach writing; recording more live piano, bass, organ, guitar, percussion & vocals on this album than ever before. It’s my homage to house music, returning to the roots of why I love this sound. Plenty of 808s, 909s, pitched chords, snare-rolls & general baseline grooviness. This is without doubt the most dancefloor driven record I’ve ever made.” 

Suitable for a living room jamboree, sunset or late night festival set, jackLNDN’s piano driven LP is sultry, bloopy and classic to bring out the best of us. The melodic house selection resembles works by Yotto, Ben Böhmer and Jan Blomqvist.  As Patterns takes off, we get fed a progressive charge when the fire arises in jackLNDN’s eyes.

jackLNDN Patterns

Jack Aisher showed early talent, learning to play the piano and sing at age 7. Noticing his budding ability, one of the largest national choirs had him join them to perform for the Queen and her family in Windsor Castle. Overtime  Jack’s records have garnered over 60 million plays.

With a diverse range of influences such as James Blake, Earth Wind & Fire, and Frank Sinatra, Jack ventured into new audio territories, initially creating deep house remixes for well-known names like, Clean Bandit, Louis The Child, Daft Punk, Lettuce, Snoop Dogg, Emancipator and The Polish Ambassador that are well worth exploring, especially his timeless Dancing Pineapple mix.  The progressive sounds he starting to bring keeps us licking our fingertip to turn the page.


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