Medical Negligence – Know if you Have Been a Victim

It would be shocking to know that medical negligence cases are on a consistent rise. However, it is still a surprise to comprehend how and why that happens, even when the technological advancements in the medical field are skyrocketing.

The medical negligence victims are prone to being late in filing a lawsuit against the wrongdoers. The injury caused to the victim can reveal even after ages from the date of the actual incident. This can cause serious backlashes from the judiciary since there is a certain statute of limitation in every county.

Two years is what the judiciary allows to file a case from the injury’s inception date. This is because medical negligence cases are quite challenging to prove. This is so because the defendant being a medical practitioner is at an advantage to prove that it was not a crime of passion or vengeance. Just like law, medicine also has certain privileges like not promising the outcome of the result.

Understanding whether you have been a victim of medical malpractice is quite difficult. This is mainly due to the lack of information on this subject. The victims tend to believe whatever the doctor has told them. So, it is always advisable to get a higher opinion before coming to any major conclusions about your illness. Also, not all unsuccessful medical procedures account for medical negligence cases.

Major causes of medical negligence

The healthcare sector is driven by pharmacy companies and multinational corporations that have eyes on only one thing, which is money. The negligence is mainly the outcome of this corporate culture.

Many medical practitioners nowadays have reduced to mere salaried junkies, unlike the life-saving angels who they used to be. As a result, the quality of the medical field has been compromised. Medical practitioners nowadays leave behind surgical instruments inside patients’ bodies after surgery. The negligence of medical practitioners extends to much deeper levels.

Anastasia errors, birth mistakes, surgical errors, wrong diagnoses etc have become very common lately. Medical negligence is not always the fault of the practitioner but in almost 90% of the cases, the defendant is at fault. The victim should always be ready with an experienced attorney to fight the lengthy and complicated legal battle.

An experienced and qualified medical negligence lawyer is the most important asset while pursuing the legal battle. Moreover, the victim in medical negligence cases is mostly mentally or physically unwell. Remember, the better the lawyer, the smoother the battle will be!

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