By Any Means Necessary: Dim Mak Defines Family During Miami Music Week

Dim Mak Miami Music Week 2015
Dim Mak took over Nikki Beach on Thursday during Miami Music Week.

By any means necessary.

This mantra resonates deep within the roots of the Dim Mak family.

Enthusiasm and intensity brought by this tight-knit crew sent Nikki Beach into a frenzy on Thursday of Miami Music Week.

With every performance and every nasty beat drop, the crowd erupted in chants and cheers that synchronized to the epic bass lines produced by the outstanding artists representing this record label.

South Beach’s sun-soaked crowd danced holes into the sand as monumental music created an electric atmosphere, igniting a fire that intensely burned until the final set concluded.

Dim Mak Beach Party Miami Music Week
Caked by Steve Aoki!

Imagine, if you can, a sea of tan bodies swallowing whole these ground shaking sounds as the vibrant day lead into a night brimming with bright lights and brilliant melodies.

The DJ’s excitement ran rampant throughout every set, contagiously infecting every soul with never ending energy and sparks of passion. Positivity was oozing from the stage and running through the veins of the crowd like blood flowing from the heart, giving life to the massive audience and connecting our pack as one.

Dim Mak’s Party was a highlight among the abundance of this year’s Miami Music Week events.

Steve Aoki’s signature cakes went flying through the air, leaving his mark on the masses. Carnage made a guest appearance, trapping out the beach party and showing his love to the fans.

Dim Mak Family Photo - Miami Music Week 2015
Dim Mak Family Photo – Miami Music Week 2015 – Photo Credit: Neil Favila

Dim Mak’s crew left everything they had on stage; guts, glory, soul and all.

This show will not soon be forgotten. Thank you to the artists of Dim Mak for destroying South Beach with dirty drops and inexplicable energy.

While there we had the opportunity to sit down with Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger of Caked Up.

Caked Up Miami Music Week
Oscar Wylde (left) and Vegas Banger (Right) – Caked Up – Miami Music Week 2015 – Photo Credit: Neil Favila

During the interview the duo introduced phenomenally talented up and coming artists such as DJ Max Styler, Italian producer Crookers and Mad Decent’s Meaux Green.

Caked Up told us about their tour with Steve Aoki and how much they’ve truly enjoyed and learned from this experience. Bonding with the Dim Mak crew and their fans has been their favorite part of the whole tour.

The guys explained that being on stage and giving the crowd an escape from their everyday problems and stresses, even if it’s just for 45 minutes, is why they do this. That’s why they work day in and day out, producing in the studios and slaving away, perfecting every second of every song. They work this hard to make us, their fans, happy and to give us the best performances possible.

Caked Up loves to impact people and give the audience an hour to just completely lose themselves in the music.

During the tour Oscar Wylde suffered an unfortunate family loss; but during his hardship Steve Aoki took him under his wing and, along with Vegas Banger, helped him through this troubled time.

The guys admitted to crying on their last day of the tour. It was like groundhogs day over and over; performing and having a blast everyday made it difficult to leave that excitement behind.

While Nikki Beach was near the top, the duos favorite places to perform are Hakkasan and small towns that surprise them with high energy. They also love to perform with Botnek and Dirtyphonics, citing them as an inspiration to continue making better music.

Our experience at the Dim Mak Miami Music Week event was filled with raw emotion at every turn. Witnessing the camaraderie firsthand proved that, when it comes to performing incredible live sets and having each other’s backs, the Dim Mak family makes sure that’s the case by any means necessary.

Dim Mak Beach Party Miami Music Week
Caked Up and company took some time to chat with us during Dim Mak’s Miami Music Week Beach Party.

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