Martin Solveig Releases Video for Latest Single +1

Hey Martin, can we be your plus one?

A lot of fans have been asking Martin Solveig the same question, as he releases yet another hit known as “+1”.

Martin Solveig - +1 video release
Photo via Facebook – Martin Solveig

Much like other unforgettable hits from the French Superstar, such as “Hello” and “Night Out,” “+1” brings a beat that is both hard hitting and addictive.

The catchy spin on house with a touch of pop builds and builds into a banger drop- guaranteed to get the night going in a second.

The vocals from Sam White are reminiscent of the power anthems of the 90s, giving the track a great amount of reach throughout many different fanbases.

Per usual, Martin Solveig plays a major part in his music video for “+1”. There are a lot of 80s and 90s graphics and style that will bring you right back to the days of Zack and Kelly from Saved By The Bell- which is never a bad thing.

You can catch Solveig at one of the many massive events he will be playing this summer, such as EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland Belgium (where he will be playing a 3 hour set!), and Mad Decent Block Party. 

Check out the video for Martin Solveig’s “+1” below!

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