MaRLo Prefaces “Altitude” Tour with Brand New Uplifting Single “You And Me”

As an electronic dance music DJ and producer, MaRLo draws his influence from the world around him. On the eve of his solo “Altitude” one-man show featuring hours of his own music, he releases his new collaboration with Australian singer/songwriter, Chloe, “You And Me”.

“You And Me” was hand-selected by fellow Dutch trance king Armin van Buuren for the latter’s “A State of Trance” mix compilation this year, and Chloe will perform the song live with musicians on the Altitude tour.

MaRLo delights dance music lovers with this sunny radio-friendly song on the eve of his solo “Altitude” tour.

MaRLo featuring Chloe, “You And Me”
MaRLo featuring Chloe, “You And Me”

Unlike the dark and forceful tech-energy sound MaRLo has been playing as of late, the Radio Edit of “You And Me” starts-off with a liquid, resonating synthesizer riff that gradually builds suspense until Chloe’s vocal enters with its beguiling melody. There’s still plenty of time left this summer for “You And Me” to take root at festivals and big-room clubs, and the song is on target to become a sing-along favorite before summer’s end.

The song retains the uplifting, optimistic charm that characterizes trance music and adds the quickly-climaxing builds and drops that commercial radio listeners have come to demand. “You And Me” is MaRLo wielding his skills with proper song construction highlighted by Chloe’s delicately feminine voice.

Just as quickly as this tune graces the airwaves, with a swoooosh at the outro that feels like a summer breeze, it’s gone, leaving listeners wanting more.

Listen to “You And Me” below:

His unique style – affectionately dubbed “The MaRLo Sound” – derives from the sub-genres of tech-trance, hard-trance and the big room sound.


MaRLo considers as his musical influencers such accomplished fellow DJs and producers as Armin van Buuren, Aphex Twin and The Prodigy.

In the recording studio, MaRLo has lent his magic touch to remixes for fellow trance heavyweights, Armin, Dash Berlin, Ferry Corsten, W&W and Gareth Emery among many others.

As a live performer, MaRLo delivers explosive physical energy and showmanship.

He is best known for his international hits, “Haunted” featuring his wife, the vocalist Jano, and “Atlantis,” the latter peaking at the #1 chart position on Beatport last year.

MaRLo’s signature track is still relevant today, his monster hit from 2012, “Visions,” and crowds erupt whenever he plays it now. As Armin himself commented, “MaRLo knows how to program the best lead sounds.”

Young, photogenic and brimming with stage presence, Chloe is adept at building her own buzz as she displays no hint of decelerating.


Chloe (real name: Chloe Condylis) is an Australian singer/songwriter whose rapid ascent can be measured by her one-million-plus YouTube views for her cover of Armin van Buuren’s single, “Heading Up High” featuring the band Kensington.

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