Mark My Words: This Future Bass Remix of Justin Bieber is Just What You Need Today

Say what you want, chances are you’re a Belieber, even if you deny it. Everyone loves them some Biebs, and we’ve got a fresh, future bass remix coming your way courtesy of Croix. Says the newcoming producer:

Created for the Cymatics “Froogle – Mark My Words” remix competition.

Froogle’s wonderful cover of Justin Bieber’s Mark My Words gave plenty of inspiration to make this track. Credit goes to the original artist for the album cover and Froogle + Justin Bieber for the wonderful vocal arrangement.

Looking forward to the other entries in the competition.

Thank you to Cymatics for hosting this awesome contest and wonderful opportunity.

Happy listening fam’

Froogle - Mark My Words (CROIX Remix)
Froogle – Mark My Words (CROIX Remix)