Manila Killa’s Hard Summer 2016 Performance Is the Perfect Daytime Set

Manila Killa is an artist you can’t dislike – from his uplifting sounds to his optimistic persona, he radiates positivity. His remixes have garnered millions of play and this year he began releasing originals, “All That’s Left” and “Youth”.

For many of us that have been wondering  what a Manila Killa show would be like, he just released his Hard Summer 2016 set.

His Hard Summer 2016 performance is the perfect daytime set for a summer festival.

Manila Killa Hard Summer 2016
Manila Killa Hard Summer 2016

Originally, Mura Masa was going to perform but due to travel complications, he was unable to make it to Hard Summer. Luckily, Manila Killa was attending the festival either way so it would make sense to add him to the lineup!

His set is bubbly, energetic, and overall just an amazing and fun time.

“I had woken up the morning of Hard Summer 2016, which was my first Hard event, to a phone call asking if I wanted to play the actual festival later that day. I was beyond confused… but apparently Mura Musa wasn’t going to make it so they needed a filler. It was a bittersweet moment because I had been waiting sooo long to catch a Mura Masa set, but at the same time, I was about to play a festival I had been dreaming about attending for years. So here’s the set that I played at the HARDer stage. hope u enjoy it”

Listen to Manila Killa Hard Summer 2016 set below:

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