LODATO and Friends Create a Filthy Electro Pop Anthem

Expanding the reach of electronic dance music is LODATO and Joseph Duveen with their radio-ready hits. After their first collective work ‘Older’ reaching number 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart, they had to add more fuel to the fire by releasing yet another hot single, ‘Breathe Again’. This time they invite the soulful vocalist Jaclyn Walker into the studio to add even deeper dynamics.

LODATO incisively produces radio friendly pop records with his own modern electronic spin that we love.


‘Breathe Again’ opens with enduring notes and angelic vocals by Jaclyn then gradually builds with penetrating bass and synths which harnesses an anthem feel. The vulnerable and passionate lyrics are contrasted by a powerful and wicked drop, projecting the concept of yin and yang, just like the dynamics between LODATO and Duveen in the studio.

‘Breathe Again’ by LODATO & Joseph Duveen, & Jaclyn Walker

The second verse surprises you with Duveen’s male vocals that flits through the beat, telling his side of the love story. By alternating from male to female vocals this track may remind you of older R&B and pop duets like, ‘Always On Time‘ by Ja Rule and Ashanti, but much more filthy.

The chorus is made up of a wall of sound built by Walker reaching an irresistible octave and LODATO‘s notes that you can feel pulsing through your body. As this song grows it turns more and more into a party banger. You can also find an extended mix of this track built for club DJs by clicking here.

The wild yet crisp dynamics in LODATO’s electro pop single, ‘Breathe Again’ will leave you stunned.

Listen to ‘Breathe Again’ by LODATO & Joseph Duveen & Jaclyn Walker below: 

Such precision and smooth production only comes from a brother-like friendship between Joseph and Salvatore (LODATO). The two met as kids in New York and soon found their chemistry in the studio was flammable.

Recently, they have been on a tear, creating numerous straight-to-radio tracks like ‘Older‘ and their remix of ‘Heathens‘ by Twenty-One Pilots. ‘Older’ helped them reach the 1 million streams club with its catchy chorus and bumping drop.

Listen to and download for free ‘Older’ by LODATO & Joseph Duveen: 

You will hear ‘Older’ being spun on iHeartRadio’s Remix Top 30 Countdown and blasting on Dash Radio in the heart of Los Angeles and Hollywood as well as on KGGI-FM, among other radio stations. Based on their undeniable support, they have won Best Remix Producer of the Year (LODATO) and Remix of the Year-Production (LODATO & Joseph Duveen) at the iHeartRadio‘s music lounge during Miami Music Week.

We believe this new single ‘Breathe Again’ will take them above and beyond from where they are standing now.

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