Liverpool’s Own Carlo Canetti Starts Strong with Debut Future Bass Single

Hitting on the pleasure notes is Carlo Canetti‘s debut single, ‘Clouds’. By using what can be categorized as future bass sounds for a blissful drop, your ears will instantly perk up to take in the feel good vibes. Thanks to Ben Northam‘s warm vocals that speak of letting go, this single has an electro pop tone that will bring you to your happy place.

Right out the gates Carlos Canetti showcases his clean production skills with this electro pop, future bass infused single.

Carlo Canetti’s ‘Clouds’ feat. Ben Northam

Carlo is a brand new producer coming out of Liverpool. After submerging himself in the UK electronic music scene and years in the studio, he is now ready to share with the world the sounds that have inspired him. We look forward to seeing what he creates next. Ben Northam is out of Birmingham, who’s souring soulful vocals instantly pull you in for ‘Clouds’. We can see this young gun being featured in a lot more electronic music.

Now press play and drift away…

photo credit Vicente Cajiga

Listen to Carlo Canetti’s ‘Clouds’ feat. Ben Northam: 

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