Live Streaming: Everything You Need to Know

Live streaming refers to the broadcasting of live video to audiences over the internet in real-time. Some of the things you need to live stream include an internet enabled device, a platform to broadcast the video, and a tablet or smartphone.

Remember that live streaming gives you the chance to create and present your content. Ideally, there is no editing, and viewers can comment and follow along in real-time. This article discusses live streaming. 

Setting up a live stream

No doubt, live streaming can help you to connect with your audience online. This means you can showcase your products or services. Today, many marketers tend to live stream their content, leading to many brands getting into the live streaming business. 

However, there are a few things content creators and brands need to know before they consider live streaming. Remember that live streaming has a technical side that you need to understand. 

That said, live streaming your content includes several steps. You need to connect the audio and video sources so that you can capture content for live streaming to the streaming device that can be a laptop or PC.

You also need to configure the encoder. The encoder translates the video and audio content into streamable files that you are ready to share on the internet. 

Another step is to connect the streaming platform and encoder utilizing the URL provided by a streaming platform and the stream key. Then you can test the internet connection as well as the upload speed before you stream. 

Simply put, the live streaming process usually includes capturing video and audio content, encoding, and sharing it utilizing a live streaming platform. Melon has high-quality livestreaming tools to make your live stream look amazing and personalized to you.

The equipment you require for live streaming 

It’s pretty simple to build a streaming setup. You need to have a camera, microphone, stable internet connection, and lighting. If you are a newbie to live streaming, you may just need to get a single quality camera, meaning a webcam can do the job.

However, if you want to explore other camera options, then there are many of them for every budget. Remember that a camcorder, point and shoot, and webcam can all work for live streaming.

Even if the video quality is good for your live stream, your audience will also be interested in the audio quality. It’s a good idea to invest in a proper microphone rather than relying on the built-in one on your camera. 

Another piece of equipment you should have is a capture card. This is a device that you can use to transfer videos from their source to the live streaming setup. You need a capture card so that your computer can show what the camera is seeing.  

Your camera should have an HDMI port or output so that you can attach the HDMI cable. In this way, it can send the video feed to the computer. Keep in mind that you must have a capture card when you decide to use a software encoder.