Live a Day in the Life of Andrew Rayel with Daylight Aftermovie

Cinematography, musicianship, and performance all come to a glorious head with the nearly 6 minute film, Andrew Rayel – Daylight (Aftermovie). Featuring words and performance videos from the international trance megalith – he gives us his take on music, the scene, and the feeling of EDM culture.

After one watch, we’re chomping at the bit to hit our next show.

Andrew Rayel’s Daylight aftermovie exudes enough energy to burst a light bulb.

In the film, everything culminates to give a sliver of the energy that can be found at festivals, clubs, and venues every day in all corners of the globe. The energy that resonates with us, pulling us to our next show, resounding through our bodies.

Watch Andrew Rayel’s Daylight aftermovie, get pumped, and get ready for your next rave!

Andrew Rayel Daylight Aftermovie
Andrew Rayel Daylight Aftermovie Photo via Facebook/Doug Van Sant

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